Let's show kids HOW to learn and focus their attention.

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Does it feel like every year, you notice more learners who could be successful in class, but just won't "apply themselves"?

Are your learners prone to shutting down when things are hard, giving up when they don't understand, and not putting in the necessary effort to complete assignments?

None of these issues can be solved with lecturing, tutoring, additional homework, or having an adult endlessly cajole kids to “buckle down” and “stay focused”.

No matter how many times you say to young people, “You can do this; you just have to try”, it won't change the pattern of behavior. That's because:

Kids need strategies for pushing THEMSELVES through difficult tasks.

What if your learner(s) had the tools to…

Find their flow during school work so they’re totally immersed

Take initiative in learning new things and problem-solving

Focus on assignments and concentrate with fewer distractions

Manage their time well and prioritize tasks

Create healthy sleep, work, and play habits to maximize energy

Tap into their creativity and use processes of divergent thinking

It may seem impossible now, but these are teachable skills.
Through specific instructional techniques and practice, young learners can be taught how to learn and how to stay focused.

Finding Flow Solutions is a new and growing collection of resources I've created to help.

— Angela Watson

What’s included in each unit?

The curriculum features 6 units for pre-teens (middle school) and 6 units for teens (high school). Each is designed to be no-prep or minimal prep for the instructor, and features:

A teacher's guide with one page per lesson

Quickly skim the guide to prepare and review the key ideas taught in the lesson. You don’t have to master any of these skills yourself before introducing them to students, as you’ll be learning alongside one another. 

An editable slideshow presentation

Teaching the concepts and introducing activities is super simple: just follow the prompts on each slide! Units have 80-120 slides, all with professionally designed graphics. Video clips are embedded so you can play them offline.

Student self-reflection journal in printable + typeable formats

The 10-12 page format is designed to minimize printing and paper use with no filler, fluff, or half blank pages. You can also assign the journal to students in your LMS (such as Google Classroom) and keep everything digital.

Tap each unit number to see what high schoolers will learn:

Self-Directed Learning

  1. I am in control of my own learning.
  2. I view myself as a life-long learner.
  3. I cultivate curiosity and ask good questions
  4. I take initiative in exploring topics I’m curious about and solving problems.
  5. I set my own goals for learning.
  6. I have a plan to make sure I meet my goals.
  7. I know how to persevere when I hit setbacks.
  8. I connect with like-minded people around my interests.
  9. I celebrate my own learning and progress.
  10. I use my talents to take charge of my future.

Tap each unit number to see what middle schoolers will learn:

Neuroplasticity & Growth Mindset

  1. I can learn anything, because I was born to learn.
  2. I grow my neural pathways to make it easier to learn new things.
  3. I can train my brain through practice.
  4. I know how mistakes help my brain improve.
  5. I take ownership of my mistakes and choose to learn from them.
  6. I choose growth mindset thoughts when things are difficult.
  7. I can rebound after setbacks.
  8. I know how to set achievable goals for improvement.
  9. I take charge of strengthening my brain.
  10. I celebrate my own growth and progress.