Each of the resources in our curriculum lines help move learners toward one (or more) of the following goals...

Finding Flow

Instruction begins with a developmentally-appropriate introduction to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's research on flow theory. Learners explore how to “get in the flow” when they’re working, so tasks feel more enjoyable and meaningful. They create a personalized toolbox of strategies to help them get into the flow of work.

Self-Directed Learning

Most students need scaffolding and support before they can succeed with project-based learning and SDL experiences. We teach learners about initiative, perseverance, and goal-setting. Throughout our units, they learn the metacognitive, mindset, and organizational skills they need to feel confident in fully taking charge of their own learning.

Time Management

Time management is a skill learners need to experiment with over time to find systems and habits that work for their unique personalities. Our curriculum helps them estimate how long tasks take, prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and complete work on time through a variety of time management strategies and list-making systems.

Focused Attention

Did you know attentions spans can be expanded with practice? We show learners how to build concentration stamina. Older students will learn about healthy habits for cell phones, the internet, and other potential distractions as they learn how to do "deep work" and strengthen their ability to stay focused.

Maximizing Energy

If your students have so much energy they can't stay focused or not enough energy to participate fully in lessons, we can help! Both ends of this spectrum can be addressed by teaching kids how to harness different energy levels for different types of tasks, and create habits that support them in having the necessary energy to learn and focus each day.

Cultivating Creativity

When students prefer low-level activities that don't require a lot of thinking, they may need support in cultivating creativity. We help learners tap into their natural creative abilities to establish lifelong habits of learning. They'll develop divergent thinking skills that help them think outside the box and generate innovative solutions to problems.