If your child is struggling in school, Finding Flow Solutions can help.

Imagine if your child had the necessary to supports to:

  • Push through frustration without giving up
  • Complete homework and projects without constant reminders
  • Focus on assignments without the constant compulsion to check distractions (ie their phone)

  • Identity priorities and utilize their time well

It may seem impossible now, but these are teachable skills. Through specific training techniques and practice, your student can be taught HOW to learn and HOW to stay focused.

The Finding Flow Journal is a resource that can help, because it’s designed to be enjoyable to complete and highly rewarding. Kids–like adults–love to learn things that are focused on us.

The format includes:

  • Easy-to-read, practical ideas 

  • Meaningful reflection  prompts

  • Fun self-quizzes

  • Challenge activities


Your student can work through this journal at their own pace, and a FREE companion journal for the adults in your student’s life is included. 

Review a condensed version of the activities yourself so that you can talk about your own insights and have a shared vocabulary to tap into when frustration and distraction set in. 

You’ll learn how to model the strategies for your student and practice them together, so you’re on the same team instead of opposing sides.

Coming in 2024!