Finding Flow Solutions is a simple, affordable way to create true classroom transformation!

If you're like most teachers, you often find yourself thinking, 

"I can't keep expending this amount of energy trying to keep students on-task, engaged, and motivated. They have to TRY, and they have to WANT to turn in their work. I can't make them care."

Finding Flow Solutions is a set of curriculum resources designed to FINALLY address the root problems. It's designed to help you:

  • Acknowledge that staying motivated and getting our work done is challenging, even as adults
  • Present productivity as an experiment you can have fun doing alongside your students
  • Help kids understand how their brains work so they can explore ways to manage their focus, time, and energy

Finding Flow Solutions will help you and your students curate your individual toolboxes of options to help you be your best at school each day.

Teaching productivity isn't just one more's what makes everything else more effective, efficient, and enjoyable.

— Angela Watson