Unit Plans

The core curriculum in Finding Flow Solutions is found in our unit plans. For every grade level set, there are 6 unit plans. The topics in these 6 units vary by grade level to ensure students are learning developmentally-appropriate concepts.

What Students Learn at Each Grade Level

Our curriculum is carefully designed to scaffold student learning and build capacity over time in areas of focus and productivity.

K-2 Topics

  • Back-to-School: Preparing to Learn
  • Positive Mindset Tools
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • End of School year: Celebrating Our Learning

Gr 3-5 Topics

  • Metacognition (Thinking about Thinking)
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Creative/Flexible Thinking
  • Focused Attention and Concentration
  • Problem-Solving/Critical Thinking
  • Self-Directed Learning

Gr 6-8 Topics

  • Foundations of Flow
  • Neuroplasticity and Growth Mindset
  • Initiative and Perseverance
  • Mindset and Attitude
  • Responsible Work Ethic
  • Respectful Collaboration

Gr 9-12 Topics

  • Foundations of Flow
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Managing Time
  • Managing Focus and Attention
  • Managing Energy and Stress
  • Cultivating Creativity

Elementary curriculum (available in spring 2024) is designed around a set of open-ended centers/stations. Mini-lessons with editable slide presentations and student journals are also included.

Each unit for grades 6-12 features:

A teacher’s guide (1 page per lesson)

80-130 editable presentation slides to guide you and your students through each lesson

A 10 page student self-reflection journal (in both printable and typeable formats)

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