High School Unit 1: Foundations of Flow

Looking for a more engaging way to help students focus their attention and complete assignments? Introduce them to Mihaly Csikszentmihályi’s research on Flow Theory, and show them how to “get in the flow” when they’re working so tasks feel more enjoyable and meaningful!

Materials in this unit

A teacher’s guide (1 page per lesson)

A 60+ slide editable presentation to guide you and your students through each lesson

A 10 page student self-reflection journal in both printable and typeable formats

Student outcomes and objectives

  1. I can find my “flow state” in the learning environment.
  2. I can direct my focused attention.
  3. I can problem solve when it’s hard to concentrate or be productive
  4. I can create habits that support energy and focus.
  5. I can develop a toolbox of strategies to help me find flow.
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