High School Unit 2: Self-directed Learning

Do your students need more scaffolding and support before they can succeed with project-based learning and student-directed learning experiences? Teach them the metacognitive, mindset, and organizational skills they need to feel confident taking charge of their learning!

Materials in this unit

A teacher’s guide (1 page per lesson)

A 100+ slide editable presentation to guide you and your students through each lesson

A 10 page student self-reflection journal in both printable and typeable formats

Student outcomes and objectives

  1. I am in control of my own learning.
  2. I view myself as a life-long learner.
  3. I am curious and inquisitive.
  4. I take initiative in exploring topics I’m curious about and solving problems.
  5. I set my own goals for learning.
  6. I have a plan to make sure I meet my goals.
  7. I know how to persevere when I hit setbacks.
  8. I connect with like-minded people around my interests.
  9. I celebrate my own learning and progress.
  10. I use my talents to take charge of my future.
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